Check Out Our Amazing Newly Renovated Venue For Your Next Function

We have limitations with space but can be creative if required to make the most use of the hotel space available.
It is the experience we provide for small and large functions that will set your event apart from the rest.
Our food quality is present with our functional food as much as our lunch and dinner menu.

We are able to provide:

Subsidised drink packages
Per head packages
Pay as you go options
Hotel-wide bookings
We do not have set minimum spending and can work with you to achieve a quality outcome.

To book a function please email us on or fill out the form provided


Please read our reviews for our Pub Functions in Adelaide

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a massive thankyou to Sachiel and Stephanie for being so accommodating and lovely! Absolute legends
Dave (22D guy)
Dave (22D guy)
Great quality meals from a compact clean pub.
Ashish Poredi
Ashish Poredi
Beautiful place to hangout for & best collection of drinks 🍸 😍
Karen Gerrey
Karen Gerrey
We chose the Southern Chicken Burger and the Fish (flathead) and chips and both meals were nice. The chips were hot and both meals were presented well. Staff were friendly. There was a table of 6 extremely loud people at the table next to us and it totally spoiled our evening.
Mikaela Harding
Mikaela Harding
Best Day Ever, the PA where the best staff poured the best drinks and helped us out in any way we needed! thanks for having us
Johan Langfield
Johan Langfield
A really nice pub. Relaxing vibe.

Why choose a pub for your next Function in Adelaide?

Adelaide really should be called the city of pubs, not churches!

If you have an upcoming social function, you might want to consider holding it in a pub. There are a number of benefits to holding events at pubs, as opposed to hotel reception areas, homes, or offices.

Some of the reasons why pubs can be the perfect venue for your event include:

They are designed so that quests/patrons have fun

If you want to have fun without holding back, a pub is a perfect place to hold your event. The ambiance in pubs (along with the fact that they serve alcohol) tends to reduce people’s inhibitions, to help them relax & enjoy the night.

Pubs are designed for easy socialising

Pubs are specifically designed to allow people to socialise freely and easily. At the PA Pub we have designed our new renovation to be free-flowing & open with all modern features.

Having a pub function will allow you to mingle freely and talk to each other without feeling like you’re being disrespectful to other guests.

Pub Functions Adelaide
Pub Functions in Adelaide

There is always good music & live music

At the PA Hotel, we have regular DJs and live music performed at our venue. If you want to dance and let your hair down, then why not hold your event at our pub. Feel free to ask us about this if you are interested in knowing if we have anyone scheduled for a given night.

You don’t have to clean up after

If the thought of cleaning up after an event horrifies you, you don’t have to worry about this if you hold it at a pub. Our team at the PA Pub is there to make it one less thing you have to do.

All you have to do is show up, have fun, pay, and go home. So Everybody wins!

You can enjoy your night as we can bring everything to you

The other great thing about having your next function at a pub is everything is done for you in regards to your catering. Food and drinks a brought to you so you can just sit back and enjoy. No need to host and do everything. Which is a big reason why people pick pubs to hold there functions.